Data Center and Enterprise Storage Solutions

Meeting the Priorities and Challenges of the Data Center

Data needs to be stored, managed and transmitted across a broad range of IT infrastructures. The biggest dilemma is how to deliver greater performance, reliability, and manageability at an affordable price.

Efficiently Managing the Growth of Data

Data centers need to collect larger volumes and varieties of data. For data centers with outdated infrastructures harnessing the power of data is extremely challenging. HGST HelioSeal® Platform is ideal for enterprise and data center applications where capacity density and power efficiency are paramount. HGST SSDs provide ultra-high performance in the mission critical 24/7/365 transaction processing environments. The HGST object storage platform allows easy access and retrieval of deep-archived data. HGST solutions meet the needs of cloud service providers delivering scalability, capacity and performance.










HGST Data Center and Enterprise Storage Solutions