Smart App UPS Systems

Smart App UPS Systems

Maximizing your productivity

Remote Managed: Technology benefits us in many ways by creating amazing tools and resources, making our lives more convenient. At the same time, it also creates a huge amount of information every day, which may consume considerable time to be processed. This is why time management has become a crucial topic in modern society. Whether at homes, offices and various industries, people are looking for an efficient way to maximize productivity.

Power industry is not an exception, since UPS systems can be distributed over a wide area and used in critical applications, a professional network-based management solution becomes essential. A commonly adopted solution among UPS applications is the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) card, which allows users to manage multiple devices remotely via a single platform to achieve efficiency.


Model Overview


The line-interactive UPS with energy-saving technology for IT devices
The professional UPS with Automatic Voltage Regulation to stabilize the AC power output for business applications information
The rackmount UPS with Automatic Voltage Regulation to stabilize the AC power output for IT equipment
The high performance online double-conversion UPS supplies optimal power and functionality with compact design
The online double-conversion UPS with variable speed fans to provide power protection with less noise for business applications
The SNMP card allowing users to monitor and manage UPS to perform remote management

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