Chip ICT b.v. is a Dutch solution provider with almost 25 years of experience. Our comprehensive solutions vary from powerful graphic workstations to high end server and storage systems. All built in according ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards, and with German precision and quality. We speak your language and we understand the challenges that you are facing when you need to procure a new IT infrastructure solution.

Management team

Patrick Jaspers
Marco van der Hart


Our careful selected and tested assortment consists of thin clients, fat clients, medical pc’s, energy efficient servers, powerful virtualization servers, multi-node machines, storage servers, JBOD’s, and much more. You can also contact us for your peripheral needs like monitors, switches etc…



Quality management & Testing

Our production stands for highest quality standards, also in terms of compliance the EMC and conformity our products with national and European guidelines. A constant change in the standard and tightened EU rules form a constant challenge. Through continuous adjustment of our testing processes and Measurement technology at the latest state of the technology we can meet these challenges. The CE marking of our products is extensive and deliver concrete results.  With our external Testing laboratory, the SLG testing and certification GmbH we have developed a good and mutually beneficial cooperation. Basic preliminary tests in our laboratory are supplemented by further and additional measurements, tests and material tests at the SLG. This allows us to provide systems with the Seal of approval “GS” for tested safety, or for more extensive test documents which are needed for projects e.g. MDD Medical certifications. The field of EMC testing requires a high level of knowledge. Our production employees are regularly trained in dealing with current norm situations and in dealing with the modern measuring technology and the measuring methods.

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Tested for conformity and safety

The emission and immunity of the supplied equipment is tested and reviewed according to the current test methods.Standards and test criteria are determined in our own test laboratory and are well documented.

These “pre-measurements” are carried out in-house and serve for:

  • conformity assessment
  • production monitoring
  • evaluation of new components

In case of non-compliance with the specified limits we can evaluate the criteria so causes and improvements can be found.
Early EMC tests can avoid costly rework during mass production or complex recalls after delivery.





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