Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning



AI doesn’t stand still. It’s a living, changing entity that powers change throughout every industry across the globe. As it evolves, so do we all. From the visionaries, healers, and navigators to the creators, protectors, and teachers. It’s what drives us today. And what comes next.


Organizations in every industry are adopting GPU computing and AI to beat the competition and deliver the best solutions to their customers. From optimizing operations with powerful and fast analytics solutions, to accurately detecting the signs of diseases like cancer and dementia for improved patient care, the possibilities are endless.


HEALTHCARE The world’s leading organizations are equipping their doctors and scientists with AI, helping them transform lives and the future of research. With AI, they can tackle interoperable data, meet the increasing demand for personalized medicine and next-generation clinics, develop intelligent applications unique to their workflows, and accelerate areas like image analysis and life science research.


RETAIL An Accenture report estimates that AI has the potential to create $2.2 trillion worth of value for retailers by 2035 by boosting growth and profitability. As it undergoes a massive digital transformation, the industry can increase business value by using AI to improve asset protection, deliver in-store analytics, and streamline operations. Intelligent stores can leverage GPU-powered intelligence video analytics (IVA) to accurately detect mis-scans in real time and gather data on popular aisles, unique visitors, and customer demographics


TELECOMMUNICATIONS AI is opening up new waves of communication in the telecommunications industry. By tapping into the power of GPUs and the 5G network, smart services can be brought to the edge, simplifying deployment and enabling them to reach their full potential. Public services can use traffic cameras and AI to generate realtime insights into traffic congestion, pedestrian safety, and parking, making cities safer, smarter, and greener.


FINANCIAL SERVICES The financial services industry is integrating AI to improve real-time fraud-monitoring and detection, enhance call center operations,   and personalize the customer experience.


INDUSTRIAL AI-enabled smart factories are changing the landscape of manufacturing. Industrial and manufacturing companies are deploying GPUaccelerated, large-scale AI solutions that deliver real-time insights, helping them to improve quality, boost operational efficiency, reduce costs, and build smarter, safer working environments.


GPU-Accelerate your Data Science Workflows

Data science workflows have traditionally been slow and cumbersome, relying on CPUs to load, filter, and manipulate data and train and deploy models. GPUs substantially reduce infrastructure costs and provide superior performance for end-to-end data science workflows using RAPIDS™ open source software libraries. GPU-accelerated data science is available everywhere—on the laptop, in the data center, at the edge, and in the cloud.

Features and Benefits

  • Maximize Productivity : Reduce time spent waiting to get the most valuable insights and accelerate ROI.
  • Accomplish More : Accelerate machine learning training up to 215X faster and perform more iterations, increase experimentation and carry out deeper exploration.
  • Cost-Efficiency : Reduce data science infrastructure costs and increase data center efficiency.


Accelerating Data Center workloads with GPUs
From scientific discoveries to artificial intelligence, modern data centers are key to solving some of the world’s most important challenges. The NVIDIA accelerated computing platform gives these modern data centers the power to accelerate deep learning, machine learning, and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads.



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