Providing the complete support for your IT infrastructure


Your benefits:

Our IT Know-how comes from over 20 years of experience in the development of high-quality, customized IT Systems and Solutions. This is the foundation for our professional expertise and all-round services. Chip ICT defines an emphatic value proposition and offers the ideal framework for your IT network. We maintain our know-how by regularly training our employees and teaming with focus manufacturers. This makes sure that our service center can manage your IT projects as fast as possible and at the highest quality to save you valuable time and costs. We ensure that you can best leverage your IT infrastructure. We can help you meet your IT environment demands – whether you run a trade business or SME.

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Pre-Sales Consultancy

Our consultants help (potential) customers to understand, compare, and contrast the solutions that are available to solve their IT challenges. We sit down together and discuss all necessary functions and details that you require for an optimal functioning solution. Based on those requirements we will make an market analysis and feasibility study. and we provide active support in finding you the right solution. Profit from our extensive experience. We will design an optimal vendor neutral solution for you.

Configuration Services

When needed we can support you with the configuration and finetuning of your systems. We can preinstall Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. Also help you with custom Image preinstallation, certain special BIOS settings, RAID configurations, Drive Partitioning, Customized labeling/tagging etc..
We carefully test each system that leave our production plant. Serial number registration, test report are free available upon request. But also very specialized configuration support like MDD certification are possible services we provide. Just contact our team and tell them your request.

Transport and Relocation Services

We use different carriers for national and international shipments. Direct door-to-door delivery is no problem. We can deliver directly to datacenters or end-users’ desk. We can install (rackmount) servers and systems onsite. including cabling and function testing.
Our services also include moving / relocation of datacenter equipment. With special designed and insulated equipment to move your servers from one place to the other.

With the expertise and help of Chip ICT, we were able to relocate our High Performance Computing Cluster within 5 days. A careful plan was executed:  – Write Backup – Performance test – physical deinstallation – moving – installation –  startup & testing and evaluation. We are very satisfied with the service and practical knowhow of Chip ICT.


Multi-Vendor Service

An opportunity to optimize costs and simplify your processes

Manufacturers charge a lot for their services. This often leads to increased costs after purchasing the hardware. It doesn’t have to be that way. The Chip ICT Multi-Vendor Service can offer savings up to 50% compared to the manufacturer’s original service, depending on the system. This includes a whole range of manufacturers and device classes.

Covered device classes:

We support the device classes of almost all renowned manufacturers

Managed Services

Chip ICT offer support agreements that are completely modular in design and are customized according to your needs. Services such as ticket system support, response times, preventive maintenance and many more are included in a single point of contact agreement.
These agreements can cover certain areas (for example your HPC Cluster) or the entire IT environment.


Expert leasing

Do you need assistance for special projects, when your IT administrators are on holiday or regular support for example once a week?
You cannot manage this with your own in-house resources?
Our engineers are available to help as part of Chip ICT expert leasing service.


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