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Chip ICT mini pc

The remarkably quiet Mini PCs combine minimum space take-up with full efficiency. Beneath their impressive case lies the cumulative power of a latest generation fully-fledged business PC. Their classic designs ensure that these little miracles – with the smallest model just about the size of an Intel boxed fan – are eye-catchers when perched on a designer desk, in a travel agency, reception area or on a trade fair stand.

The PCs in mini form factor cases are also ideal whenever a multimedia presentation talent is needed, for example in conference halls. Thanks to their compact dimensions and case volumes ranging around just 0.5 liter there are practically no space limitations regarding their set-up. With the aid of a VESA kit Mini PCs can even be fastened behind a display unit, on a wall or underneath a desk in no time at all.


BUSINESSline All-in-One PC

All-in-One-PCs combine a high-performance business PC and a high-resolution LED backlight display in a modern, space-saving housing. In this way, they are moving much closer to their customers’ working environment and increasing user friendliness. All connections are located at the back of the display and, if necessary, can be reached very easily without impairing from the clean lines of the PCs overall.

The latest technologies ensure adequate performance and make use of the all-in-one complete solutions into a true experience. Regardless of whether in the reception area, as a customer advice workstation or as a classic office PC – All-in-One PCs are really eye-catching and perform office applications, email and internet as well as multimedia application.



Wherever expandability, flexibility and investment security are top priorities, BUSINESSline PCs will reveal their full strength. Both the mini-tower and the midi-tower system provide countless expansion options, turning these PCs into individually adaptable office systems. Due to the screw less enclosure design, enabling fully tool-free installation, it is possible to expand services and systems in minimum time. BUSINESSline PCs offer excellent performance along with maximum flexibility. Besides standard office applications, these systems are also extremely well suited for handling demanding multimedia applications, and for editing images and videos.

BUSINESSline Workstations

Entry-level workstations offer high levels of performance for CPU-intensive applications at affordable prices. Among other things, the Single CPU Workstations can be fitted with up to two energy-efficient NVIDIA Quadro® graphics cards for professional multi-screen environments, offer onboard RAID and they also support full-length PCI cards. It means that the systems are p

erfect for CAD/CAE applications. And applications within even more demanding sectors such as Digital Content Creation (DCC), Graphical Information Systems (GIS) as well as in the financial sector (brokerage) can benefit from the efficiency and tremendous flexibility of these workstations. Since they produce very little noise, the systems are convincing for their ergonomic aspects too.

As systems designed for maximum performance demands, BUSINESSline workstations leave no wish unfulfilled. For example, with their high-end NVIDIA Quadro® graphics cards, the workstations are ideal for DCC, CAD/CAE and many other applications in the visualisation and imaging fields. Equipped with up to two processors, a maximum 1 Terabyte of main memory, up to 48 Terabytes of data storage and full-length PCI cards, Workstations can cope with every type of CPU-intensive application at tremendous speed. Complex data analysis or modelling applications also benefit from the super-fast data access, made possible with the use of Enterprise Solid State disc drives.


BUSINESSline Servers

Combining the power of Intel® Xeon® Processors , the standard specifications of Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems and the wealth of market solutions with innovative fault immune system architecture for highest availability and business continuity, SERVERline systems provide a new operational efficiency for business and mission-critical computing with truly open standards and to deliver highest performance. SERVERline systems combine the efficiency of an x86-architecture with the reliability levels rivaling that of a UNIX/mainframe architecture. Ideal for high-end enterprise, high-performance computing (HPC) clusters, datacenters and cloud-computing environments, flexible configurable.


BUSINESSline Storage Solutions

Companies demand reliable storage that can serve as a data warehouse for upper-layer applications and provide high-performance resource utilization and management. To help customers meet IT challenges with ease, BUSINESSline Storage Solutions leverage intelligent and converged storage features, open architecture, and proven integrated system design. Plus, they support a wide variety of platforms, applications, and industries while offering full lifecycle data management, online storage, data retention, and Big Data analysis.