GPU Accelerated Computing

GPU computing is defining a new, supercharged law to replace Moore’s law. It starts with a highly specialized GPU parallel processor and continues through system design, software, algorithms, and optimized applications. Each GPU-accelerated server replaces dozens of commodity CPU servers, delivering a dramatic boost in application throughput and cost savings. 


High Performance Computing (HPC)

HPC is a fundamental pillar of modern science. From predicting weather to discovering drugs to finding new energy sources, researchers use large computing systems to simulate and predict our world. AI extends traditional HPC by allowing researchers to analyze large volumes of data for rapid insights where simulation alone cannot fully predict the real world.

Tesla V100 is engineered for the convergence of AI and HPC. It offers a platform for HPC systems to excel at both computational science for scientific simulation and data science for finding insights in data. By pairing NVIDIA CUDA® cores and Tensor Cores within a unified architecture, a single server with Tesla V100 GPUs can replace hundreds of commodity CPU-only servers for both traditional HPC and AI workloads. Every researcher and engineer can now afford an AI supercomputer to tackle their most challenging work.

Accelerating the Rate of Scientific Discovery

The NVIDIA® CUDA® programming model is the platform of choice for high-performance application developers, with support for more than 550 GPU-accelerated applications including the top 15 high performance computing (HPC) applications. From weather prediction and materials science to wind tunnel simulation and genomics, NVIDIA GPU-accelerated computing is at the heart of HPC’s most promising areas of discovery.



GPU-Accelerated Applications


Unified Platform for HPC AND AI

The intersection of HPC and AI is extending the reach of science and accelerating the pace of scientific innovation like never before. AI is helping tackle previously unsolvable problems by modeling the world using experimental and simulation data. It’s also helping deliver real-time results with models that used to take days or months to simulate.


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